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The Gilded Spine #173042

The Directorate of the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters offers you a contract to travel to Terra or a province and ensure that a given politician wins an election. +1200 gl if successful; no extra commission and complete denial of Directorate involvement if unsuccessful.

Escheresque intrusion – Somewhere on this hulk/rock, the Escheresque had broken through into our universe... XDs, mind-controlled qat, terrifying ylythnari intelligence-eaters, Dalí-esque melting raiders, or other irreal entities threaten you.


Archivist – Believes in a hidden link between all advanced sapient civilizations. Your venture is more dangerous due to the threat of hyper-intelligent aliens: +400 gl if you find the next piece of the Pale Yncal (or whatever) that this refactor needs.