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Quickstart Rules

Quickstart Rules 2.0 book cover

The Stillfleet Quickstart Rules have been updated! They're now 42 pages + 9 pre-gens, including rules for classes, 6 encounters, sample weapons/gear, and a venture hook! Print option coming very soon!

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  • Creates the basis for a new generator for Encounters

23.Jan.2022 - Patreon Sign-in Update

  • Significant backend improvements to how the sign-in process is handled, Strings-side
  • Campaign-level is now noted so we can do more targeted rollouts of new features

9.Jan.2022 - Begins work on Character Generator

  • Preliminary work on the backend.

26.Dec.2021 - Accessibility and more

  • A11y - Makes a first pass through the site using the SSA's ANDI tool, correcting many (thankfully minor) bits of accessibility friction; largely font-contrast and table-scoping.
  • Internal: Changes to dice-rolling code to make it easier to test
  • Creates a sweet new encounter layout (Generator coming soon!)

19.Dec.2021 - Layout Updates

  • Some layout changes to the various generators. All generators use a new, more fun, and more Co.-compliant layout.
  • BUGFIX: Parser had been breaking because "–" and "-" look VERY similar but are, in-fact, completely different characters.
  • Internal: Backend code used for parsing dicerolls was optimized a bit

7.Dec.2021 - Oddments!

  • The Oddments tables have been added as a new generator.
  • Cleans up displays for archaetech and oddments when viewing individual instances of either.