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Recruitr: Voidminer Generator

voidminer silhouettes

The new voidminer random generator is now live! This will continue to be enhanced with new features and improvements over the next few months.

Recruit some voidminers!

Core Rulebook

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Quickstart Rules

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The Stillfleet Quickstart Rules have been updated! They're now 42 pages + 9 pre-gens, including rules for classes, 6 encounters, sample weapons/gear, and a venture hook!

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Current Year - 2023

Phase 2: Voidminer Generator (Guided) begins

Past Years

2022 - Recruitr

  • Phase 1: Voidminer Generator (Random)
  • Developed nascent Encounter generator (dovetailed into Voidminer generator)
  • Adds localization support and Portuguese translations, provided by Leo Andrade.
  • Patreon sign-in improvements

2021 - Inception

  • New generators for: Oddments, Species Names, Aliens, Archaetech, Stiffworks and Ventures
  • Patreon authentication / authorization
  • Improved accessibility of site
  • Enhancements to backend data processing