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Place of origin
Spin, Chuntish, Mossish, the proto-language of apes and monkeys
You wait on people, in some capacity or another, for a living. Your instincts tend toward balance, calm, and keeping people happy.
You have advantage on WIL or MOV checks (choose) related to people.
You have disadvantage on COM checks.
High status
A provincial ecclesiarch of renown. (Archival connections.).
Low status
You fulfill your telos when you lie successfully and importantly.

Class powers

Heal (Standard)
You practice trauma medicine, using your training and a small kit of advanced medi-gewgaws. Burn X GRT and treat a person, you or someone else: that person regains X +your level HEA. Healing also cures bleed, burn, stun, and other non-Weird conditions. Heal can be used on someone with 0 HEA: in this case, the person receiving healing wakes up, groggy and weak, and can act. In any given 24-hour period, heal can only be used on the same person twice (whether by you or you and another healer).
Augur (Delayed/Standard)
Burn 10 −dREA GRT, minimum 2, and 1 HEA: ask any answerable (short) question. At the end of the round, after everyone else in initiative has acted, the nameless things whom you contacted reply with the answer. This answer may be vague, depending on the question, but will not be malicious, a lie, or incomplete.
Ætherspeak (Standard)
Burn X GRT, minimum 2: you connect X minds together telepathically for your level +X minutes. These minds can communicate regardless of language and substrate (neurons vs. silicon wafers, e.g.). They needn’t be fully sapient, but they must be sentient. (I.e., you can get a sense of what a velociraptor is thinking—although that “conversation” will feel extremely chaotic—but you can’t talk to a piece of steel rebar.)
Extend self (Standard/Ongoing)
You concentrate, burn d8 GRT, and send out from your core an ætherial hand: this can pick up any small object—up to a number of Kg equal to your level—and move it slowly but inexorably toward any being on the same planetoid as you. The object can be a note, a poisoned dart, a scientific sample, an oddment—anything small. It will eventually find the target and bump into her, regardless of how long this takes. You do not have to concentrate to keep the extended self moving, and it cannot be stopped by non-Weird means. The time required for it to reach your target is 4d6 hours −your level. You can burn an additional Xd8 GRT to reduce the number of hours by X.

Species powers

Travel lust (Free)
When traveling through the blackness of space, as long as you have never been in this room before, you may make a WIL check. If you do, you gain +1 on your next roll. If you come back here, you can no longer use this power.
Gracile (Permanent)
You gain a permanent bonus of +1 MOV.
Proto-wings (Permanent)
You have pale flesh-flaps connecting your arms to your thighs. With great effort, you can fly yourself around carrying a machine gun (or equivalent mass) in light wind. You cannot take people with you unless they weigh less than a machine gun (up to ~12 Kg). Flight costs 1 GRT per round and can last, without rest, 6 × your level rounds.


Upholstery hammer


  • None.


You were orphaned and have always sought parent-figures. Maybe one of the other venturers with you fits the bill? What are you shopping for in a parent?


  • Doctor's bag with useful medicines
  • Sample collection kit
  • 7 hits of gunch
  • 160 gl

Oddments and archaetech

Found oddment
Unhelpful celerioid demipet: this headless, six-limbed Qrey photobiont loves you and will follow you wherever you go, happily smashing its non-head into your knees and make slurping sounds as it drags itself in circles while you shake your head at it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much else besides this. It is basically a wolf made of celery, and it is too dumb to learn tricks or help in combat. But—in a bizarre way—it is cute. COM d2, MOV d4, REA 1, WIL d4, CHA d6, HEA 6, GRT 6, DR −1 (it takes +1 damage from every attack), no powers.