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Sly Hour Liar

Sly Hour Liar
Place of origin
Spin, Calaș
You breed and sell delicious algae to the Directorate for a living.
You have advantage on checks related to non-sapient plants and gardening, and you can get into most areas of the Basilikon, no questions asked.
You have disadvantage on checks related to bureaucracy, venture contracts, lying to your boss, etc.: everyone needs, but no one trusts such a vital cog in the great, venal machine of the Co.
High status
A Senior Draadmijner (banshee guild-boss, silent J). (Archival connections.).
Low status
You fulfill your telos when you protect yourself at all cost.

Class powers

Tack (Standard)
Open, close, or change the destination of a stiffworks. Costs and mechanics vary by the works. Open stiffworks remain open for 10 minutes per tack… usually. Some stiffworks may be retacked (i.e., their destinations changed), although this varies by type.
Dive (Standard)
The ship is on fire—you have to get your party through the stuck bulkhead before the O2 combusts! (Or whatever!) This is your big getaway power. Burn 6 GRT and make a MOV check: if you succeed, you and some or all of your party make it out safely. You can bring 1 +your level humanoid-sized beings along with you to safety, or burn an additional 6 GRT to bring one additional being beyond your limit. Small sapient beings (0.5-M tall/long) count for half a slot; large sapes (3-M tall/long) count double; small pets (cat/beagle-sized) are free. If you fail your MOV check, you alone get away but injure yourself for 2d6 HEA damage.
Jack (Standard)
Use, alter, or repair tech. Burn XY GRT, where X is the stratum (type) of tech (ranked 1–7, clank [medieval], bio [contemporary on-Spin], code [Ancient, Early Tephnian], force [High Tephnian], nano [Late Tephnian, Snakeman], bug [cryptocerid, heechee, mantid, mi-go], Escheresque) and Y is the level of complexity (ranked 1–6, simple, standard, complex, corporate, military, godlike). Thus, a force artifact of standard complexity costs 4 × 2 = 8 GRT to interact with. Once this cost has been paid, the artifact functions as designed, within reason. A laser (standard force) keeps firing until it runs out of juice, which is up to the GM to determine (e.g., d20 charges). Repowering requires access to the appropriate resources and an additional use of this power.
Astrogate (Standard/Indefinite)
You can, with effort, actually pilot spacefaring vessels. Cost to command a vessel is based purely on its class (a combined 1–6 rating based on its size, complexity, and condition), with each point of vessel class costing 6 GRT. Burning this GRT grants you the ability to pilot or otherwise command the ship, within reason. (If the hyperdrive’s broke, it ain’t jumpin; mining vessels may not sport armament, etc.) While piloting, you are essentially stuck and unable to otherwise venture. You must pay the astrogation cost each time you chart a course into or out of a system, or each time the ship is damaged or upgraded. Doing anything with the ship other than moving from point A to B (firing weapons, scanning a mysterious craft, remotely salvaging damaged life support systems, etc.) requires relevant checks, typically REA or, in a dogfight, COM and MOV.

Species powers

Arthropod (Permanent)
You gain a permanent bonus of +1 MOV.
Mandibles, spiracles, etc (2 round)
You can metabolize a much greater range of chemicals than hominins, only a few of which are cognizable to them as “food”—from rotting fungusbark to human-urine energy shots. Whenever you encounter something possibly edible, make a WIL/resist world check. Take that result and roll as many d4s. For every resulting 4, you regain 1 point of pool, assigned to HEA or GRT as you like. (The GM gets final say on what things around you might be “edible,” but they should be generous!) Eating possible-food takes at least 20 seconds (two rounds).
Somnolent sawharp legs (Standard)
Burn 4X GRT and roll CHA; X targets roll WIL. For each target, if your result is equal to or greater than theirs, you put them into a light, trancelike sleep for maxCHA rounds, if they weren’t hostile (attacking you). To lull X hostile beings to sleep, burn 4X GRT and roll CHA; they resist with advantage (rolling WIL twice and taking the best result).


Thin steel rod
Makes an acceptable mini-spear when one end is sharpened.
With 2 stones.
Pistol, modern, derringer


  • None.


You are the adopted child of one of the directors. You have not seen this person since you were very young; you are not even sure they are still alive.


  • Perfect Environment Suit
  • Sample Collection Kit
  • 180 gl

Oddments and archaetech

Found oddment
Urn full of bright-blue anti-gravity ashes. You think that these can be reconstituted into a living being of some kind—but of what disposition? Relieved? Annoyed? Infuriated?