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Provincial (Qrey)
Place of origin
Spin, Zjell
You find wanted criminals and capture or murder them for a living.
When you’re on a job, you have advantage on checks related to tracking and sneaking (you don’t enjoy these bonuses at other times, though). You also enjoy a close relationship with at least one high-up refactor (this is both good and bad).
You have disadvantage on checks related to non-bounty-related threats, such as the wiles of mysterious strangers.
High status
An infamous black-market chandler specializing in exotic exoplanetary flora. (bioscientific connections.).
Low status
Social worker (focused on counseling).
You fulfill your telos when you amass Crazy Awesome Stuff (whatever it is).

Class powers

Track (Standard/day)
You work to either follow the trail of a single entity, or locate any single entity of interest, sans clues. An entity can be a specific person or a non-specific location. Burn 3 GRT for an easy target (clues exist, and the thing you are trying to track is not hiding from you), 5 for a difficult target (clues don’t exist, or the target is hiding from you), and 7 for a near-impossible one (clues don’t exist, and the target is hiding from you). Roll a REA check; if you succeed, you succeed. If not, you find something else interesting instead. (GMs, roll a random encounter; the razi is automatically undetected by whatever they find.) You can burn more GRT and try tracking your target again tomorrow.
Perfect shot (Free)
Your called shot deals an additional amount of damage equal to your level, and you can make two called-shot attacks per round, although you still must pay the grit cost for each. At 10th level, you can make three called shots in the same round, paying for each. Note, you can make a backstab a called shot (see below), but you may still only make one backstab, when you have surprise, after two rounds (one round to aim, one to attack).
Tame (Standard/Day)
You work to either tame an alien creature or to find and then tame one. If you’re already near an alien beast (not an intelligent being—meaning something with a REA score of d2 or 1), you can burn 2 GRT as a standard power to calm it so that at least it won’t eat you. You may then burn 8 additional GRT and spend the rest of the day working with it, in several hour-long stretches, to make it your loyal pet. If you are not already near a beast, you can burn 2 GRT and spend 3d4 hours searching to find a beast to tame. Taming it requires an additional 8 GRT and another hour of hard work. This power works planetside and hulkside, but hulkside “beasts” are often so dangerous that this power has little effect other than to momentarily distract them. (GM’s discretion—the point is, you can’t have a pet xenoglade.)
‘Avvenge (Hour)
Burn 3X GRT, consult your notes, and search for X hours: you discover an archaetech object of complexity level X (ranked 1–6, simple, standard, complex, corporate, military, godlike). This can be exactly the item the group needed. You can also reduce the time required by spending more GRT; each additional point shaves off 15 minutes from the search.

Species powers

Provincial Homeworld: Qreyjal (Permanent)
The homeworld of the enjan is hot, lush, and ribbonned by a living paralytic ocean called the zanj. Wealthy rival empires span its three major continents. You speak Spin and one of the many Qrey languages (Qzell, Zjell, Yalantine, Maur, or something else); you can also have very simple conversations with vascular plants by touching them gently and thinking to them.
Gladhander, palmgreaser, climber (Permanent)
You gain a permanent bonus of +1 CHA.


Lawn darts AKA jarts
Set of 5 darts.
Upholstery hammer
Shotgun, shot
Hits targets within a 30-M long, 1-M wide cone. Two-handed. If you shoot one-handed, you suffer a −1 to hit. Doubles as a club.


  • None.


You were given an important ritual techno-object by the gruff old Underschool teacher to whom you looked up as a child. You have no idea what this thing does, but you know that others want it. Why did Teach give it to you, of all people?


  • 130 gl

Oddments and archaetech

Found oddment
“Fairy snails” (floating xeno-molluscs), 1, that can be tossed safely as per the common wetan game.