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Place of origin
Spin, Rasp (phrases)
You babysit children for a living.
You have advantage on all REA or CHA checks (pick one) related to explaining things and learning new things yourself.
You have disadvantage on WIL checks to resist the wiles of children, and on WIL checks to resist lashing out at misbehaving entities in general.
High status
An Archivist–historian. (Archival connections.).
Low status
Drug maker.
You fulfill your telos when you dive right in, regardless of the others.

Class powers

Smooth over (Standard)
You can calmly smooth over misunderstandings—the kind that doom many planetside runs: burn 3 GRT for an easily remedied bad situation (difficulty 5 CHA check), 5 for a difficult one (difficulty 6), and 7 for a nearly impossible one (difficulty 7). Roll a CHA check. If you succeed, all works out (for now—you can always re-blunder). If you fail, roll another CHA check: success on this one means you haven’t made the situation worse; failure incites your interlocutors to attack immediately. In actual game play, this is arguably the single most useful class power!
Conduct ritual (Standard/hour/day)
You participate in an important local ritual: this could be a religious service, an election, a marriage, etc. The time requirement depends on the ritual but is typically one hour and never less than one round. It must be logically possible for you to lead this ritual. (You can bend but not break narrative logic here; GM’s discretion.) Burn X GRT and choose an effect: 1) Religious rite (standard) – Everyone involved except you gains 2X GRT. This GRT can stack beyond their normal limits. 2) Romantic nudge/ban (hour) – A sapient person (not a beast or non-sapient machine) of X or lower level falls in or out of love with someone else. You have total control over the basic change in affect that you want to happen; you do not have total control over how this plays out for the nudged/banned individuals. 3) Political event (day)– You gain the loyalty and social capital of 100X locals for X days. They will do your bidding within reason, including fight for you. They will give up if faced with obviously superior firepower or numbers, however, unless you conduct a second ritual to steel their resolve.
Read (Standard)
Regardless of what you’re encountering, if it’s kinda humanoid at all, you can quickly get a good sense of who they are, what they want, and how to communicate with them. Burn 4 GRT and make a REA check: if you succeed, you establish lasting contact. If you fail, you establish some sort of contact but anger your new friends in doing so. The GM should raise the difficulty of the REA check to 7 if the entities you’re reading are already suspicious, or 9 if they are hostile.
Disarm (Standard)
You wink—and in a flash, snatch the maser right out of the isopodal nihiloid’s viselike claw! Burn 5 GRT: you disarm one opponent within 5 M. They cannot resist unless by using Weird powers.

Species powers

Company soul (Permanent)
You gain +125 voidguilders at character creation.
Modern (Permanent)
You gain a +1 bonus on rolls related to clank-, code-, or force-stratum tech.
Voidborn (Permanent)
Whenever the GM requires you to roll a WIL check because something in space is scary, you gain a +1 to the roll and don’t appear as phased as non-Fleeter characters. This does not apply to Escheresque nausea.
Arkheion access (Permanent)
You gain a permanent bonus of +1 REA.


Upholstery hammer
Shotgun, shot
Hits targets within a 30-M long, 1-M wide cone. Two-handed. If you shoot one-handed, you suffer a −1 to hit. Doubles as a club.


  • None.


You were orphaned and have always sought parent-figures. Maybe one of the other venturers with you fits the bill? What are you shopping for in a parent?


  • a book or a set of pamphlets about a world of your choice
  • 200 gl

Oddments and archaetech

Found oddment
Cheap comm full of mystery novels and true-crime podcasts.