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Place of origin
Spin, Rasp (phrases)
You drive caravans or captain ships for a living.
You have advantage on MOV/drive/pilot checks.
You have disadvantage on MOV/sneak checks:—you like to move fast!
High status
A provincial intelligence officer. (Co. connections.).
Low status
Alganeer (food maker).
You fulfill your telos when you put renown over self-interest (or reason).

Class powers

Command (Standard)
Burn 5 GRT and give a non-suicidal command to someone who understands you; that person must act upon the command. This is not a Weird power, however, and thus can be overruled by the hell science.
Dispense (2 Round)
You use a powerful portable medigadget you have leased from the Archive to treat a wound. Burn 3 GRT: you recover or someone else recovers 3 +your level HEA and feels much better, thanks to drugs. You can also use this medigadget to synthesize chemicals: once per session, you can burn 3 GRT and spend d8 hours to manufacture street drugs worth 2d20 × your level gl, on-Spin, or 3d30 × your level, on the provinces. Dispense can be used on someone with 0 HEA: in this case, the person receiving healing wakes up, groggy and weak, and can act.
Requisition (Standard)
You contact the Company using your tachyon lantern (void-crossing mini-comm—basically, a quantum pager). Burn 2 GRT and roll REA: if you succeed, you establish a link and can begin talking next round. If you fail, you may try again next round at no penalty. If you are in an enigmadrome or the Escheresque, you must roll a 9 or higher to succeed. The Co. can’t always help, but they can often answer basic informational questions (“Isn’t there a known backup stiffworks on Caligan’s other moon? [Y/N] Send the damn coordinates!”) and can generally provide desperately needed small items up to 20 g in mass (vaccines, spare parts, bullets) by one-way de-immertense catafalque within twenty-four hours of a request from a factor. Your relationship with your refactor will determine the quality and expedience of aid you receive.
Feed (Hour)
When not under direct threat, you pass around the beetle jerky and booze for a while. Burn 6 GRT: you and each person with you regains +dCHA (your CHA) +your level in pool, to be distributed between GRT and HEA however they like. Note, this takes one hour—not five, like normal resting.

Species powers

Company soul (Permanent)
You gain +125 voidguilders at character creation.
Modern (Permanent)
You gain a +1 bonus on rolls related to clank-, code-, or force-stratum tech.
Voidborn (Permanent)
Whenever the GM requires you to roll a WIL check because something in space is scary, you gain a +1 to the roll and don’t appear as phased as non-Fleeter characters. This does not apply to Escheresque nausea.
Cosmopolitan style (Permanent)
You gain a permanent bonus of +1 CHA.


With 4 stones.
Rifle, modern, sniper
Every round you spend aiming gives you a +1 to hit up to a maximum equal to half of your maxCOM, rounded down. Two-handed. Doubles as a club.


  • None.


You are terrified of the Co.: the Directorate is obviously planning to exploit each Goldilocks world in turn, subjugating populations, stealing resrouces, wasting the lives of voidminers... You are planning on turning on the Co. as soon as that seems like a non-suicidal option.


  • Medigadget (leased from Co.)
  • Tachyon Lantern linked to Company Requisitions
  • 130 gl

Oddments and archaetech

Found oddment
Miniature ziggurat inhabited by 10 quasi-sapient cockroachoids.